Services Offered

Financial and Strategic Advisory Services

In many cases, business owners know that the future of their company includes an eventual sale of their operation to a third party.  It is generally well-established that better prices are obtained from sales to corporate buyers as compared to individual investors/operators.  In addition to a direct request, these services may be provided as a result of a referral from a lending institution, law firm, CPA firm, or another third party that is aware of the company’s need to increase its value prior to sale. Read More….

Valuation Services

The most critical component of the decision to sell your company, operating division, or business unit is How much is it worth utilizing a thorough understanding of the fundamental financial and operational metrics which will be used to establish an independent expectation of value of the assets to be transferred via an asset sale or stock transaction. Establishing this expectation of a value should not be left the general rule-of-thumb multiple calculations used by CBI+ Advisory Partner’s competitors based on industry averages. There are simply too many variables that need to be examined by a licensed valuation professional for each type of business transferred, including key intellectual property rights, enabling technologies, barriers to competitive entry, longevity and quality of key customer accounts, and many others, just to name a few. Read More…