CAP Process/Flowchart

  1. Discussions between principals of business and CBI+Team
  2. Business due diligence materials provided to CBI+Team to determine potential for deal success
  3. Reserve (non-disclosed) price agreed to
  4. Engagement letter signed and set-up/administrative fee paid
  5. CBI+Team begins assembling information for placement in CDR (Confidential Deal Room).
  6. CBI+Team begins compilation of list of prospective buyers for Business
  7. Sample e-mail list provided to Business for review and input
  8. Final information placed in CDR including non-disclosure agreement and sample offer form
  9. E-mail blast sent out with address of CDR
  10. CBI+Team monitors visits to CDR
  11. Follow up e-mail blast sent if initial list does not produce desired activity
  12. Offers received and presented to Business
  13. Finalists selected by Business
  14. Finalists contacted by CBI+Team and required to provide financial statements or other pertinent financial information proving buyer’s capability
  15. Finalists are invited to personally inspect business assets and location(s)
  16. Final bidding by buyer candidates
  17. Offer accepted by Business
  18. Closing
  19. Buyer receives keys to facilities
  20. Seller deposits proceeds from sale