Financial and Strategic Advisory Services

In many cases, business owners know that the future of their company includes an eventual sale of their operation to a third party.  It is generally well-established that better prices are obtained from sales to corporate buyers as compared to individual investors/operators.  In addition to a direct request, these services may be provided as a result of a referral from a lending institution, law firm, CPA firm, or another third party that is aware of the company’s need to increase its value prior to sale.

For these clients, CBI+ Advisory Partners provides advisory services for strategic positioning.  These services are provided by first defining the potential types and profiles of long-term purchasers and reviewing their acquisition histories and strategies. We then review our client’s operations, accounting, financial controls, assessments of assets, or need for refinancing. We will prepare recommendations to our clients for a timed program to position the company to be a more attractive acquisition client. An additional feature includes monitoring our client’s progress on a periodic basis to insure that the plan is being implemented and whether changes are desired.  The ultimate goal is to identify the proper timing for placing the company in the marketplace to maximize value.