Featured Opportunities:

 1. One of Arkansas’ Premier Construction Companies

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2. Trademarked Women & Girls Apparel Business

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Below is a list of action items for your participation in an Acquisition Opportunity.
1. Please click on the link here to review and electronically execute/sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
2. Once the NDA is executed and submitted an e-mail will be sent providing you access to a Confidential Deal Room (CDR) which will contain at a minimum the following information for you to review:
  • Name, address of business and ownership details
  • Year to date profit and loss statements
  • YTD balance sheet
  • Tax returns for business
  • Equipment/Asset list for business
  • Narrative about the business
  • Business website
  • Personnel list
  • Other information as needed to fully describe and disclose the business and its current situation.
3. On or before the acquisition opportunity closing date, all offers should be submitted through CBI+Advisory Partners.
4. Offers are expected to have contingencies that allow a personal visit and inspection of the business and meeting with business owner.
5. All offers will be submitted to the owner of the business who will decide which to accept, reject or counteroffer (Owner has established a non-disclosed, non-published “reserve” price for the business).
6. Once the Owner/Seller has reviewed the offers, successful bidders will be contacted immediately for a buyer/seller meeting and due diligence procedures.


***If you know of any other parties who may also be interested, please forward this to them and have them follow the instructions above so they may participate in the program as well.